Friday, January 30, 2009

Pins in my Moi Meme jacket

Okay, I took the plunge and bought my first custom suit. Yes, in a Recession. Probably not the smartest thing. But as I looked in my closet, I notice so many pairs of pants that just didn't fit. Usually I'm all about getting a bargain, however, there are moments when you want that extra advantage of having a really beautiful suit. So here, I am with my Kid Rock hair, and my custom rock star suit from

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Jessica said...

That's awesome! And I think you're actually really smart to be investing in such an important wardrobe piece in a recession--not only does your money go a little further these days ;-), but based on conversations with clients (granted, not the most scientific approach ever...) appearance is more important right now (of course, the integrity to back it up is crucial!). The people I've been talking with lately express a craving for a more professional look/approach from their business associates. People want to know you're serious, and the way you dress can definitely be one way to give them that message.

It's gorgeous--I hope you'll wear it with tremendous confidence!