Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ARE YOU READY FOR SUCCESS? Join me on December 5th

If you had just one wish for the New Year, what would it be?

Would you get a new job? Would you take your business to the next level? Would you focus on creating substantial wealth so that you can have the freedom to do what you want? I keep hearing about how tough the economy is, and I know that it’s dire for a lot of people right now, and to be honest, it’s been a challenge for some of my clients too. However, it’s important to remember that people get new jobs, start businesses and make millions in EVERY economy—even this one.

I notice when I go to networking and social events, I’m drawn to the outgoing, positive, big thinkers. That’s just how I am. Maybe because I grew up as an extremely shy only child. (Yes, hard to imagine for anyone who knows me!!)


1.Support the People (And Organizations) You Believe In.

This holiday season, if you are going to buy a few gifts for the important people in your life, think about buying a necklace from a local jewelry designer. That $80. purchase will make a huge difference to her this year and the person receiving will get a unique gift that they won’t get from anyone else.

2.Ask For The Sale

Yes, I know that this is a radical suggestion. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. My clients are making sales right now, today, in this economy. Why? Because they have excellent products and services and they are asking for the sale. There are a lot of people who are going to “wait it out” until January to start pitching for their business. That means there is an opportunity for those who are pitching today.

3.Get Out of The House

The networking events I’ve been going to recently are PACKED!! Just getting up out of the house is a step in the right direction. You never know who you might meet. Make a point of talking about the possibilities that you see in the future and don’t waste time focusing on the economic crisis. We all know what’s going on. No need to rehash it.

4.Create a Budget:

Yes, I know. Most people would rather get a root canal than to think about creating a budget. And I’m at the top of that list. Here’s the empowering part though. I went through and looked at what I was spending and was able to eliminate $250. A MONTH in non-essential expenses. I’m actually embarrassed to admit that, however, I’m doing it because it might inspire you to take a look at your finances and see where you can reallocate some of your hard earned cash. I feel so much better knowing that money is now being invested in building my business!

5.Hire An Expert to Help you Achieve Your Goals.

There are a lot of super talented resume writers, business coaches, and web designers who are offering excellent deals right now. With part of the $250. I saved per month, I hired people to help me do the things that I’m not great at or never seem to get around to doing. It sounds counter intuitive, however, the small amount that I pay to a virtual assistant, (I use a company called http://www.LongerDays.com) pays huge returns because I can use that time to focus on working with my clients and growing my business.

For More Ways to Succeed in 2009

If you are in NYC, come to a fre* event that I’m co-hosting with two of my colleagues on the morning of December 5th. RSVP instructions are on this fabulous flyer below. (And yes, we chipped in and paid an incredible graphic designer to create it!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet at the NY Times event on Monday!

Last year I had a blast at the NY Times Small Business Summit, so I'm going again this year! Let me know if you will be there and we can meet-up!