Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Carnival of Marketing--The Art of Word of Mouth

Here's a great article from Sean Moffitt, Sean is the founder of a word of mouth marketing firm in Canada. He's written "30 Top Great Tips" on how to get word of mouth marketing work for you. It's worth checking out all of them, here are the five tips I liked the most:

#1 - Leverage the Six Key Motivations Why Humans Talk – tap into basic human instincts that control most of us, we talk: 1) to survive, 2) to connect, 3) to make sense of the world, 4) to reduce risk, 5) to benefit economically and 6) to relieve tension. Try to make your word of mouth quench one of these motivations.

#5 - Launch a Meme – a meme is an idea designed to spread; create a “bandwagon effect” for your word of mouth by attaching your own meme to it through catchphrases, lingo, metaphors, jingles…etc. so that not only does it convince others but encourages them to pass your message onto others.

#11 - Create the Best Soundbytes – most human’s capacity to only recall 7 things at one time, above that number and we either have to commit it to memory or more likely toss it out for other stuff to wade in. Take the most relevant points from your own experience and our Word of Mouth Handbook and make your key word of mouth points in 5 bytes or less.

#16 - Be Inspired – genuine authenticity and passion greases the conveyor belt of word of mouth; true word of mouth advocacy can’t be faked (nor should it be), but honest enthusiasm is magnetic and powerful and infects others with a feeling of excitement and energy, use is to make your word of mouth sing.

#18 - Make the First 30 Seconds Count – most people make impressions lightning fast –provide the “why I should I care benefit” in the first ½ minute of your conversation to avoid the “why didn’t you tell me earlier, I would have paid more attention” response.

I'd love to hear how you are using word of mouth marketing to increase traffic to your blog and or build your business. Read the entire article here:
The Art of the Word of Mouth Conversation

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